Aero-silver is a health-care fibre, which increases your performance and endurance by moving the sweat away from the body to the outer layer of fabric which also contains silver (Ag) component that eliminates various harmful germs and odour causing germs.

Function system of Aero-silver:-
Aero-silver has a clover-like cross section, which makes it possible to absorb and evaporate the body sweat rapidly by the capillary effect. Itís function is permanent.

Powerful antimicrobial effect:-
Aero-silver eliminates highly tolerant M.R.S.A. as well as Staphylococcus and Pheumococcus in a short time.

Quick absorption and quick drying:-
Aero-silver not only dries fast but it also evaporates moisture quickly to maintain cool body temperature for excellent comfort.

Powerful deodorisation effect:-
Maintains freshness in garments by eliminating odour causing germs.

Interception of ultraviolet rays:-
Aero-silver which has superior interception of ultraviolet rays make it possible to prevent skin ageing and skin burn.

Come and read the wearer trial by Dr Ron Hill MBE, when Aerocool and Aerosilver were combined in a garment (click here)