Wearer Trial

by Dr Ron Hill MBE

Aerocool on face of fabric with AeroSilver on the back

The short sleeved shirt was tested for a total of 157 miles and 89 hours, including flying to Tenerife and back and running 28 miles in 23 degree centigrade plus temperatures. Apart from in Tenerife, the garment was worn under a long sleeved top and a woven shell.

After 64 miles and 48 hours terminating in Tenerife, the accumulated perspiration appeared to have over powered the silver and the garment was smelly before and after a run. The garment was then hand washed.

Rather surprisingly, after the next 92 miles and 41 hours, without washing, the garment had little odour and only a slight smell, rather than the smell associated with polyester garments.

The saturated shirt was then placed in a polythene bag for 28 hours. Upon removal the odour was noted and again noted not as bad as regular polyester fabric with the same treatment.

These test results demonstrate that the Aerosilver yarns show a considerable advantage over regular polyester in controlling the production of body odour from perspiration.

The Aerosilver yarn would be usefully applied to fabrics designed for; base layer, athletics underwear, cycle shorts, outdoor-wear for summer, gym wear and travel wear.