Aquaduct Product Testing

Dr Ron Hill led our testing team, which also included world record breaking marathon runner Tim Rogers and our own Nick Edwards, a keen triathlete and fabric designer at Cloverbrook.  Read their reports below to find out how they rated this fabric innovation.


By Dr Ron Hill MBE

I have been working with Cloverbrook on Aquaduct constructions for more than 10 years.

Almost all my training tops, all of my racing singlets, and most of my travelwear are Aquaduct.

Aquaduct constructions can include other technologies to enhance fabric properties eg X-static, Hydrowick, Intera etc. Even Sportwool fabrics owe some of their beneficial characteristics to denier gradient.

Many of the top brands in the UK, Europe and USA use Aquaduct fabrics but under their own proprietary brand names.

In an independent test of 10 garments the top 3 were Aquaduct fabrics.



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By Tim Rogers

Since moving from a pure running training regime (whilst getting ready for a series of marathons) to one geared to the Ironman Triathlon in 2003 I have fundamentally changed my approach to the use of performance fabric gear.

Previously I was content with a standard cotton shirt while running a half marathon or medium training run, but since I have started training for up to three hours a day, I have had to reappraise my use of traditional materials and look at those capable of drawing sweat away from the body.

Throughout 2002 I have used a number of Aquaduct shirts, from singlets to long sleeved T shirts and in a variety of climates. During January to March I raced in Dubai, Malta and South Africa and during April I trained extensively in New Zealand in temperatures well over 25 degrees daily. This was the perfect environment to test Aquaduct as moisture wicking was an essential requirement in such intense sweat inducing climatic conditions.

During May to July in the UK I began to increase mileage on the bike and as the temperatures rose, so did the pressure on the fabric to meet its promises.

Throughout the six months trial the Aquaduct shirts remained a constant weight and there was none of the moisture build up associated with cotton shirts. At no point did the Aquaduct shirt feel unduly heavy, which in turn gave me the confidence to keep pushing hard in the knowledge that it was my lack of stamina rather than a fabric problem that was holding me back!

This lack of moisture build up, which results from a capillary structure within the fabric, is a feature that no sportsman or woman should be without. Once you have trained using this type of fabric, or indeed just used it in general leisure wear, it is impossible to imagine using anything less!




By Nick Edwards

Aquaduct products can be found in a lot of the outdoor technical fabrics used for performance in the active/leisure market. Most of the athletic garments I use in my sporting activities are of the Aquaduct construction and they have proved to be both effective and beneficial in aiding my performance.

When wearing an Aquaduct product during sporting activities I found that moisture is quickly wicked away from the skin leaving you dry and comfortable.  Moisture doesn’t build up like in a normal cotton T-Shirt which can feel heavy and uncomfortable, which in turn can hinder your performance.  

The construction of the knit enables moisture to move freely from the back of the fabric to the face by capillary action. This is because the fabrics are knitted in a denier gradient construction which means there is a much finer yarn on the face than the back. 

The Aquaduct construction can also lend itself to products which use other yarn technologies, adding to the technical properties in the garment. Combining the moisture management system with the technical yarns such as Sportwool and X-Static to mention just two, can give you a superior technical garment, with benefits such as anti-microbial and temperature regulation.

The Aquaduct fabrics are easy care because they can be washed easily and they dry quickly. This makes them an excellent garment choice for travel or outdoor activities.

A person doing any physical activity can only benefit from wearing such a garment. It offers both high performance and maximum comfort and is a leading technology in the active/leisurewear market.