Dri-release is comfortable, dry and odour free -Dri-release is a unique fabric that feels like cotton and keeps wearers comfortable, dry and odour-free. Made from a patented microblend yarn comprised of a special polyester with a trace of cotton. Dri-release combines the best qualities of both. It wicks moisture away from the skin and it is soft to the touch. A Freshguard TM treatment embedded in the fibre virtually eliminates odour.

Comfort that won’t wash out - Unlike typically finished performance fabrics that lose their ability to wick away moisture with each washing, Dri-release’s comfort qualities are permanent. They are built right into the fibre itself so clothing made with Dri-release always feels soft, always stays dry.

The competitive edge - In road races, triathlons, and multiple consumer tests, Dri-release beats cotton and the leading performance fabrics for comfort when wet or dry. And while it performs better, it is competitively priced.

Dri-Release Wool combines 88% Polyester with 12% Merino wool.

It contains Optimer Performance Fibres’ Freshguard ® treatment to neutralise odours, a property that is enhanced by wools’ inherent ability to repel odour.

Wool further enhances synthetic fibres. The natural crimp in wool causes it to bounce back into shape – remains resilient wet or dry.

Wool absorbs and evaporates moisture so it never feels clammy or sticky against the skin. Wicking takes on a whole new meaning.

By absorbing moisture from the air, wool does not have the dry friction conditions which encourage static electricity. Ideal for base layer performance yet suitable for sportswear.