Drywool performance fabrics are constructed using a combination of merino wool yarns with synthetic yarns.

Drywool's unique fabric construction ensures efficient body moisture transfer thus leaving you fresher and drier and altogether more comfortable.


Drywool takes advantage of a special fabric construction with fine merino wool on the inside of the fabric and synthetic yarn on the outside of the fabric. Body moisture as vapour is absorbed by the wool, then released to the outside of the fabric. The synthetic yarns on the outside of the fabric are always finer than the wool on the inside and as a result, body moisture as liquid moves to the outside of the fabric by 'denier gradient' where it is held prior to evaporation.

The capability of being able to include even small quantities of wool within the fabric can have a major bearing on the performance attributes of a garment. The beauty of Drywool is that you also have a natural fibre against the skin without sacrificing any of the technical benefits you get from 100% synthetic garments.