At Cloverbrook we put our fabric through rigorous testing programmes, both when in development and then on an ongoing basis, to make sure it's performing to its maximum capabilities. Part of this process involves our testing panel, which is made up of two runners, both have a wealth of experience of running conditions all over the world and a multitude of different fabrics.

R O N  H I L L

Dr Ron Hill MBE offers a unique combination, making him the ideal athlete and technical specialist to head our testing panel. The former Commonwealth gold medallist has a remarkable running career which is well documented. However, his achievements in the field of technical fabric innovations are equally as compelling.

Here is a brief summary by Ron of his running career dating back nearly half a century and his close association with technical fabrics going back more than 30 years:

  • Triple Olympian, European & Commonwealth marathon champion.

  • Ph.D. in textile chemistry.

  • Run every day for 40 years, totalling more than 145,000 miles (233,000 kilometres) – an undisputed world record.

  •  Worked in textiles all my working life.

  • Raced in 87 different countries across the globe in a bid to cover 100 countries before the age of 70.

  • Worked with Cloverbrook for more than 15 years, founding the “Clovertec” division in 1992, as product director.

N I C K   E D W A R D S
Ron is joined by Cloverbrook’s own Nick Edwards, who finds fell running proves an
inspiration for his role as a performance fabric designer at the company.Super fit Nick, aged 27, who regularly trains twice a day, helps to keep the company at the cutting edge of technology in the performance fabrics sector.

Combining running, cycling and swimming, he is a strong competitor in short course triathlons and tests all his own designs before they move onto the full research and development process.

"It gives you an invaluable insight and first-hand experience into how a garment design is working and if any design alterations will further improve the performance of the fabric design," he said.

"Running also gives me the inspiration for fresh design ideas… even on testing fell runs in the hill country around Cloverbrook’s head offices in the UK."

Our testing panel are constantly putting our fabrics through their paces and click on the icons on the right to find the results of all the tests done so far. Simply click on the relevant button and you can read everything they had to say.