Ingeo fibres from Cargill Dow LLC are the revolutionary materials made entirely from annually renewable resources, such as corn. The performance benefits are inherent to the fibre, therefore the properties will remain unchanged throughout the life of the application.

Independent testing has confirmed Ingeo™ fibres have superior or equal performance to polyester in key activewear applications. These include:-

  • SUPERIOR odour resistance, wicking, flame resistance and comfort.

  • EQUAL colourfastness, lightfastness, pilling and stain resistance.

The apparel industry has a new, natural-based, high performance fabric option for sporting applications.

Made entirely from annually renewable resources, such as corn, Ingeo™ fibres have the performance advantages often associated with synthetic materials, as well as being melt processable and complementing natural products such as cotton and wool.

Ingeo™ fibres also have a unique property spectrum allowing the creation of products with superior hand and touch, drape, low flammability and smoke generation, and excellent UV resistance, resilience and moisture management.