Meryl Skinlife is bacteriostatic, a fibre which maintains a natural balance on the skin regardless of activity level. The human skin normally has a bacteria presence. A high level of bacteria, as well as a complete absence, creates various problems (allergy, odour, illness etc) Meryl Skinlife is not a bactericide: it does not decrease the bacteria level lower than what is normally present in the skin.

There is no migration from fabric to skin. Thanks to the presence of the exclusive bacteriostatic agent in the polymeric matrix (which is inherent in the fibre..... not deposited on the fabrics surface) there is no migration from fabric to skin (avoiding induction of allergy)

Meryl Skinlife is permanent. Due to the bacteriostatic agent present in the polymeric matrix, Meryl Skinlife is a permanent feature in your garment. It is present after more than 30 washes, or, to the end of the garmentís life.

Meryl Skinlife is perfect for garments which come in contact with the human body i.e. sportswear, underwear, socks, hosiery and shoe linings.


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