Meryl Skinlife Product Testing

By Dr Ron Hill MBE

The t-shirt made from Meryl SkinLife was worn for 102 miles and a total of 58 hours, including travel etc, before it was washed.

The garment was tested in Southern Spain, including 15 hours of travel to destination, during which there were no odour problems. After 40 miles of running there was only a slight odour on the dried garment.

Back in the UK, the T- shirt was used for running worn under a long–sleeved polyester T-shirt. After each run the polyester smelled a lot worse than the Meryl SkinLife.

The T-shirt was also tested in Cyprus. After a morning run it was wrapped wet with sweat in a polythene bag for travel to Cyprus and there was little smell after 12 hours in a suitcase. Three days later, after a total of 70 miles running the garment was wrapped again in a polythene bag, wet with sweat and held for 36 hours before drying. There was some odour on removal, but nothing like as bad as the underarms of a polyester singlet worn only for 9 miles. 

Even after 94 miles without washing, the garment gave off little odour after drying. 

The T-shirt weighed 162 grams dry after 102 miles. When washed and dried it was 143 grams, which meant 12% of sweat solids had been removed. 

Based on this test, the Meryl Skinlife polyamide is far superior to polyester when it comes to odour control. 

The current fabric would be ideal for gym and aerobics wear, plus running and cycling tights. 

If knitted into a non-Lycra construction such as a rib, it would make an ideal base-layer fabric. In other constructions it could be suitable for travel wear or running singlets.


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