Micro encapsulation is a fascinating process in which tiny droplets or particles are wrapped with a protective coating yielding capsules for countless applications.

In simple terms a capsule is a miniature container that protects its contents from evaporation, oxidation and contamination until its release is triggered.

Cloverbrook will be working with bi-functional capsule technology  (‘Silver Cap’) which is the latest revolutionary technology in encapsulation and is newly patented. This product provides dual functionality to the capsule. By the use of silver nano particles on the outer wall of the capsule the immunity properties of the silver are more stable and give greater durability. The core can provide the capsule with many different features including insect repellants , menthol product for cooling, Aloe Vera etc.

During wear, the capsules are abraded and break down thus releasing the product within the core which in turn yields its particular benefits to the wearer. Back to the news