Technostretch - setting new standards in comfort, warmth and flexibility for all types of wear and weather conditions - comes in both lightweight and heavyweight fabrics. This ground-breaking product puts Cloverbrook considerably ahead of its competitors in this area, strengthening the company's position as the technical leader in performance fabrics.



See for yourself how both Technostretch heavyweight and lightweight perform in extensive product testing.  Three specialist members of our testing panel - headed by triple Olympian, former Commonwealth gold medallist and technical fabric specialist Dr Ron Hill MBE -  put both fabrics through their paces and compared them to a leading competitor's product.

Dr Hill was amazed at the results after more than 72 hours of wear and 102 miles/163 kilometres of testing.  Our new section will tell you all about Technostretch's pioneering qualities and how it can help to transform your product range.

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