X-Static Product Testing

By Dr Ron Hill MBE

My intensive running schedule, combined with my knowledge of technical fibres, placed me in an ideal position to test Cloverbrook’s new X-Static range, which aims to prevent odours even after exhaustive wear.

As I run every day, this enabled me to test the product extensively over a prolonged period.  My schedule, particularly when the weather gets cold and I wear a long-sleeved top as an undergarment, created a perfect scenario to challenge the X-Static fabrics.

This garment does not get washed every day, but waits until my wife is putting a wash on usually at the weekend.  This means it can often be worn for a week before cleansing.

By that time it can be getting distinctly smelly, especially in winter when worn as a base layer in part of a layering system, causing me to sweat heavily during running.

I will also often don this type of garment for every day wear, as I prefer the comfort of casual clothing. This too applies to travelling and I’ve done a great deal of that this year.

Having raced in 11 new countries during 2001, ranging from the Sahara Desert in Algeria to Chile in South America, in hot, humid conditions, body odour can inevitably be a difficulty.

Nothing I have worn before has addressed this problem - until X-Static. This year I have tested three garments made from Cloverbrook fabric.

The first had filament X-Static striped on the inside. I did 40 runs in this totalling 203 miles / 327 kilometres. It was not washed and, though the cuffs and hem were stiff with dried perspiration salts, the garment did not smell.

The second had a spun-blend of staple X-Static on the inside. I wore this in the summer as a short-sleeved T-shirt. 
The result after 19 runs over 99 miles / 159 kilometres and no wash - no smell… not even under the arms!

The third garment, mainly worn in a layering system, had filament X-Static striped on the outside. I have just finished testing this. 45 runs, 
210 miles / 338 kilometres – and still no smell!

This really does look like the solution to body odour problems for sports people, keep fit fanatics, outdoor enthusiasts, tropical travellers and indeed for everyday use for the consumer at large.

To complete the testing process, the last garment to be tested was weighed prior to washing. From a dry weight of 215g, the garment reduced to 182g after washing.

A total of 33g of accumulated sweat products had gathered in the garment – almost 20 per cent weight gain on the original, clean garment – and no odour whatsoever.

X-Static represents a major breakthrough in the industry and has huge potential to transform a significant sector of the market.

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