Important Advice to anyone offered employment or agency work by someone purporting to be an officer of Cloverbrook Ltd.

Cloverbrook Ltd is a UK owned UK business which develops fabrics to meets the needs of global brands and we have the manufacturing and supply chain skills to supply our products world wide. We always conduct ourselves with the highest moral standards.

Certain activities from individuals in the USA purporting to be associated with our business have been brought to our attention. Could we clarify.

All our activities including sales and administration are carried out by in house staff and paid via our own internal pay roll. We would never ask anyone to pay bills on our behalf. For ten years we have not sold directly in the USA.

Further we have no knowledge of a Michael Ross and would ask that if a person of that or any other name, seeks to entice you into any kind of financial transaction by association with Cloverbrook Ltd, we advise that you do not proceed and pass the details of the offer to the appropriate police or regulatory authority.

We have to dissociate ourselves from any harm incurred to any individuals ensnared by these individuals but genuinely greatly sympathise with those good people trying to earn an honest living who are deceived by what appears to be a contemptible and criminal deception.